In a dream landscape, where history through time is permeating with a unique energy that inspires spiritual evolution. Peace, the charm of this beautiful place exalts the soul by opening the field of all possibilities giving rise to a multicolored display of nature and emotion.

Chapala is a Mexican city located in the state of Jalisco, next to Lake Chapala, to which it gives its name, is head of the municipality of the same name.

 Its name means "place of bucaros or small pots" (Nahuatl); "very wet or soaked place" (coca), or the "place of chapulines on the water" (Nahuatl). And his shield has great meaning:

The elements that form it are inspired by the indigenous past of this population and integrated into the national symbol.

Both the chapulín, the waves (water, and the bucaro are elements related to the meaning of Chapala.

The callis represent the five delegations that make up the municipality with Chapala, these are: Ajijic, Atotonilquillo, San Antonio Tlayacapan, San Nicolás de Ibarra and Santa Cruz de la Soledad.

The sun and the moon symbolize the dynamics and harmony of the elements (sun, earth, water and wind) existing in our region.

The gules field (red) represents the conquest that the Spanish captain, Don Alonso de Avalos did.

The "eye of God" symbolizes the spiritual and ceremonial center (Isla de los Alacranes) from which, in the last flood, the Huichola ethnic group left and occupied the mountains of Jalisco and Nayarit.

The shield is surrounded by fishing nets, symbolizing in this way the communion of the town of Chapala with the Lake, of its inhabitants in obtaining the daily sustenance through the dignifying activity that is work.

The authors of the representative shield of Chapala are Mr. Dionisio Morales and Oscar Sánchez.


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A meeting of leaders and students of New Thought and people in search of a deeper connection with the Infinite Spirit.

Be part of a guided meditation and prayer in spiritual  community.


Enjoy this spiritual experience of the loving company of our online Spanish speaking community in different countries.

Every Wednesday at 7 am and Sunday at 10 am (Mexico City Time).

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Montecarlo Hotel

The house of our Convention for 2020 is the Montecarlo Hotel. A break in paradise, surrounded by an exultant nature, with beautiful native animals that are integrated into the landscape, including the hot springs in all rooms as a good color and healing data together with the excellence and warmth of the service complement the success of the Convention.
The places fill up very fast so we recommend you to register in time.
Without words, only images, we propose a tour of these facilities.


We wait for you with the best music with local band and musicians, and the closing of the convention with the expected gala night on August 7