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Its founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes, left his teachings as a clear and accurate guide to developing our greatest creative potential, to create the best version ourselves, based on knowledge of Universal Spiritual Principles and the proper management of the Law Cause and Effect.

We are convinced that thoughts are things and that we are what we think. That's why from creative thinking this story was written.


The Science of Mind



We are from a beloved community that practices and teaches the philosophy of the Science of Mind.


The Science of Mind is a choice of life, it's a spiritual path that leads you to the self-discovery of your sacred being by practicing unconditional love, inclusion and compassion.

 By raising your awareness towards unity in everything and with everything you are the protagonist of the great mission: Building a world that works for everyone. 


Between 2007 and 2008, in Mexico City, Dr. Rebeka Piña with her great friends Jonakan O'Steen and Miguel Hernández began to vision themselves into a great idea in Mexico City and found themselves envisioning a wonderful place where people from various countries integrated and communicated through a gift of fluent understanding, and, of course, surrounded by wonderful music.

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2010 - 2012 

 For personal reasons, Dr. Rebeka leaves Mexico and retires to Victoria Canada. There she begins the online school of Science of Mind and in 2014 returns to Mexico.


In 2013 this meeting of students took place in Ajijic on Lake Chapala in the Lake Chapala Center for Spiritual Living, also the house of Rv. Tim Schubert who, together with his wife Arlene Shubert, generously hosted the meeting space for said meeting and provided 5 bedrooms from his wonderful residence. Other friends and locals joined this call by sharing space in their homes since by this time it included people from other places outside of Mexico City.


  The idea grows and it was decided to extend the invitation to people in our community living in the USA, Canada, and Europe, as well as the inhabitants of San Miguel de Allende and the general public. This was the first convention in Ajijic at the Lake Chapala Center for Spiritual Living for English presentations another venue called the Angel Flores House for presentations in Spanish and was attended by about 40 people from throughout the Americas.


  A very special seasoning was added with the music under the charge of the beautiful voice of the Rv. Natalia de Resendes who at the time was training as a practitioner with Dr. Rebeka Piña. Dr. Waterhouse was the first truly important CSL guest, and together with Dr. Rebeka they organized the gala dinner that ended the meeting at the Hotel Montecarlo.


In the same year Miguel Hernández joins and with his husband Jonakan O'Steen and for four years with his wonderful talent, they turn this small and humble retreat into a great convention, organizing it with impeccable excellence, always giving the best, with the best music and the best programs.


In his wonderful way of being and expressing himself, on the balcony of the party room, Dr. Waterhouse joins Dr. Rebeka and performs a treatment together, declaring that this place would be the sacred space where our beloved community from all countries, could gather, see themselves, embrace and experience all the centers of spiritual life that they represent and are.


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2020 is the year for you to join this American encounter of people who feel the call to become the spiritual leaders of their lives.  Expand your light.  Encourage yourself to live the experience of love in community.

In 2019 Peggy Shin takes command of the helm and together with a team of practitioners from two countries consisting of Blanca Mejia, Pablo Marfil, (Mexico) Ada Demitrópulos and the accounting adviser Fabiola Demitrópulos (Argentina) the unconditional assistance of CSL Lake Chapala to Mexico are followed in the footsteps of the path marked by Miguel, Jonakan and Dr. Rebeka achieving a successful Convention of the Americas. 

In 2015 the treatment on the balcony was manifested in the great step of booking Hotel Montecarlo so all people could stay at the same place and be in the same room for the presentations, with simultaneous professional translation through audiophones Dr. Waterhouse was the first truly important guest, and together with Dr. Rebeka they organized the gala dinner that ended the meeting at the Hotel Montecarlo.


About 90 people attended presentations in both languages by CSL luminaries from the US and Latin America.

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History of Convention of the Americas narrated in Spanish by Dr. Rebeka Piña

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